There is no shortage of food on Thanksgiving! These Feel Good Foodie recipes will help you with ideas for appetizers, side dishes, the main turkey and plenty of desserts. For mingling before the main meal, make this Baked Brie in Bread Bowl or Mushroom Tartlets. For a fresh salad, enjoy this Butternut Squash Salad. Definitely check out our guide for making the perfect Turkey Recipe. It’s a no-fail recipe that’s perfect for beginners. When it comes to side dishes, our favorite recipes are Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes,  Green Beans with Almonds, Homemade Dinner Rolls and Vegan Gravy, of course! And of course, finish off with some Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie!

Thanksgiving Dinner Staples

Table spread of Thanksgiving dishes.
Yumna standing over side dishes sprinkling on the final touches of fresh herbs to a bowl of mashed potatoes.

THANKSGIVING dinner planning

Thanksgiving is known as a family-bonding holiday, but the cooks in the family (i.e. me!) spend most of it stuck in the kitchen. Rather than taking the entire day to prepare one meal, you can prepare a number of Thanksgiving recipes in advance to serve or reheat the next day. Check out all my tips for planning from today and our Thanksgiving menu for this year!

Side Dishes with Potatoes!

make this VEGAN GRAVY!

When it comes to gravy, it doesn’t hurt having a couple different ones to serve during the holidays. Using the turkey drippings, it’s easy to make a delicious gravy. But if you’re looking for something vegan for the non-meat eaters, or just something lighter you need to try my vegan mushroom gravy!

Side Dishes with Vegetables!

Impress Your Guests


Dessert Menu, Please!

Seasonal Salads

dairy-free Cinnamon Rolls!

These easy vegan cinnamon rolls are the perfect homemade breakfast to enjoy with family. So simple to make, they are wonderfully sweet and totally plant based, too. Make them the night before for a delicious breakfast that everyone will love!

Cooking up Breakfast? Explore These Recipes!

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Turn leftover turkey recipes into delicious dishes! Here’s over 30 Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey recipes that are anything but boring. From super sandwiches to cozy casseroles, that turkey is going far!ere


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