Celebrate the Easter holiday and springtime with these fresh and flavorful Easter recipes. If you’re cooking up a classic Easter dinner, check out some popular side dishes like oven roasted carrots, mashed potatoes and homemade dinner rolls. For a brunch with the family, try a french toast casserole, frittata or carrot cake pancakes. And don’t forget about some kid friendly Easter treats like these adorable chocolate nests filled with Easter eggs!

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Egg carton of naturally dyed easter eggs

how to dye easter eggs

Learn how to dye Easter eggs naturally using everyday produce and spices from your pantry! Dyeing Easter eggs with natural ingredients can be a fun and eco-friendly way to celebrate the holiday. You’ll learn the age-old technique of creating dyes using vegetables and fruits as they did thousands of years ago! It’s like a history and art lesson in one!

Easter Dinner

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30+ Recipes for your easter menu

Add some flare to your Easter menu with these delicious and easy springtime recipes. From appetizers, mains, desserts and sides, these Easter recipes are perfect for the whole family.

Easter Side Dishes


These easy oven roasted carrots make for a great vegetable side dish for any occasion. Made with a handful of ingredients, these healthy baked carrots are so simple and quick to cook in the oven, so they are great for Easter!

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